Campaign MAAC is the unified voice
of bereaved parents




The Mortonhall Ashes Action Committee (MAAC) was founded in January 2013 in response to issues raised regarding the disposal of babies’ ashes at Mortonhall Crematorium over the previous 40 years. These issues were originally managed by the charity SANDS Lothian (Stillborn and neonatal death) who have supported the creation of MAAC as the unified voice of bereaved parents in our search for answers and justice.
Whilst we have representatives from SANDS on the Committee, the work of MAAC will allow SANDS to focus on their core business to provide ongoing emotional and practical support for bereaved parents.

The aims of MAAC are:

1) to campaign to Edinburgh Council to ensure each parent is given full details of the facts and circumstances surrounding the cremation and disposal of ashes of their babies up to the end of 2012.

2) to campaign to the Scottish Parliament for a public enquiry that will provide a full and open disclosure of the facts, decisions made and those responsible regarding the disposal of the ashes of our babies. We will do this by:

  •  lobbying our elected representatives requesting that they support our aims
  •  lobbying directly to the responsible ministers
  •  engaging with the local and national press to ensure that this issue remains in the public eye
  •  co-ordinating the collation of a petition that we will issue to the Scottish Parliament at the appropriate time