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Helen Ros and myself met with Dame Elish Angiolini on Friday 10th May 13 as part of the preparations for the Dame’s investigation.

She has already done background work on the investigation.  She will be speaking with a number of people and will have Investigators from the Legal Profession to assist her.

Dame Angiolini has stated she has had no previous dealings with Edinburgh Council, she gave us a brief outline of what a Public Inquiry can do beyond what she can, and has stated that at anytime during her investigations, anything that comes to light in either a legal or criminal way, her investigation will report these to the Authorities.

Most parents should now have received a letter from the Dame, in which the remit of the investigation has been given.  There will be cross references made between this investigation and the Commission led by The Rt Hon Lord Bonomy.

All affected parents will be interviewed by the Dame or her investigation team, though she has said that couples will need to be interviewed seperately.  She is more than happy for representation of SANDS or a relative during the interviews, if that is desired.  She has expressed that parents should take with them ANY documentation they deem necessary for her to see.

The team are looking at postcodes to try to have interviews as close but as central as possible, we met on the Forth Suite, Apex Hotel, Waterloo Road and although a little on the large side, it was ideal for this purpose.  It may be that additional places for West Lothian, East Lothian or Midlothian are identified.

The investigation will take as long as necessary and no time limit has been attributed.

Dame Ingiolini came across as compassionate, informative but determined to get as many answers as she can for the parents.  Whilst our quest for a Public Inquiry continues, SANDS and MAAC will give her investigation assistance when requested and the Dame has agreed to have interim updates with us.

She has set up a website: which is accessible to all.  This is not accessible to Edinburgh Council.

I hope this is of some assurance to you, that although a Public Inquiry is still our aim it would be amiss of us not to acknowledge and partake in the Dame’s Investigation.