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Scottish Govt Commission to be set up

Independent commission set up to look into baby ashes across Scotland

BBC Website 12/4/13

Sturgeon: ‘widen’ baby ashes inquiry

Newsnight Scotland 11/4/13

BBC Two – Newsnight Scotland, 11/04/2013

BBC Reporting Scotland 11/4/13

BBC News – Baby ashes scandal widens to Glasgow #mortonhallashes


We had a meeting tonight with MAAC and Parents. Can I firstly thank those that attended and hope they found it useful.

We discussed the recent media attention to the Ashes Scandal and the growing number of babies and parents this is affecting Scotland wide. This obviously puts a greater emphasis on our quest for a Public Inquiry.

Helen updated us on the request for the Council to write to all concerned with how they are to proceed with giving information (if any) to parents and it is hoped this will be in the very near future.

I have been speaking with Kez Dugdale MSP and we are going to organise a MAAC/Parents contingent to visit the Parliament to meet with cross party MSPs in the Health Committee and others. Kez is keen for this to happen and I am asking that those who wish to attend PM me with their details (Name, Address) and it will be a first come first served basis. Those attending are asked if they would be willing to address MSPs with their story, to give the MSP a “human” aspect, and not just from the media.

Sarah Smith from Thompsons is going to look further into the legislation in regard to those who have suffered stillbirths and in particular the difference in the gestation at birth.

The meeting went well and as you will have seen we are well in the public eye. It is MAAC intention to keep this up and ensure that with Glasgow now being involved we remain the leading campain for a Public Inquiry. I have written to Nicola Sturgeon tonight requesting she gives us her full support


Willie Reid Chair

Mortonhall Edinburgh Evening News Article

Edinburgh Evening News – Mortonhall: Baby ashes truth ‘will never come out’

BBC Documentary

Watch the documentary on BBC about Scotlands Lost Babies – BBC Clip – Full show aired 03rd April 2013 @ 22.30pm

Hospital Chiefs Promise Inquiry

22nd March 2013 – Daily Record – Hospital chiefs promise inquiry after body of an unborn baby was dumped in bin by worker