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First, our apologies for not updating sooner, we have all found ourselves busy with work and family committments.

Ruth Davidson MSP, Leader of the Scottish Conservatives recently asked the First Minister for a Public Inquiry during FMQs at Holyrood.  Mr Salmond has maintained the stance of waiting on Dame Angiolini and Lord Bonomy completing their work, despite neither having any legal backing.

Our Chair, Willie Reid met with Ruth Davidson last Wed, 12th Jun 13 and we have the full support of Ruth and her Party, we will continue to work with Kez Dugdale MSP, Johann  Lamont MSP (Labour Leader) and Jackie Baillie in our battle for a Public Inquiry.

After the meeting with Ruth, Willie “bumped” into Mr Salmond outside the Parliament and challenged him regarding his stance and his failing to repsond to 3 items of correspondance sent to him of late.  He promised to reply immediately, and has still failed to do so 7 days later!!!!

We are supporting Glasgow Parents (GAAP) at Parliament tomorrow, 19th June and will attempt to get as many signatures on our petition as possible.